Natural Mineral Dyes from the Earth

The power of mineral based dyes

Our clothes are coloured with natural mineral dyes from the Earth and guarantee the absence of harmful chemicals. Better for our health and the planet. Certificates by GOTS and Oeko-Tex.

The Natural Dye process is the result of years of research to achieve the highest level of sustainability in garment production from start to finish. This extensive research and devleopment has also lead to a product where the natural dyes do not run.
The finishing of the garment is done by a polishing process with organic molecules that cleans the cotton fabric from any impurities and lengthens their useful life.

The Multi-tank system

The multi-tank system and the photovoltaic panels used in our process allow us to save 50% of energy and water, reusing it up to 100 times.
  • Solar energy generated using photovoltaic panels.
  • 45% of the water re-used up to 100 times through a multi-tank system.
  • Rainwater collected using pipes and tanks.
The water discarded at the end of the process is free of harmful substances and goes directly to a treatment plant that returns it clean to the environment.